Supa Dupa Yoga Mat Spray
SGD$ 7.90

Our multi-purposed, naturally cleaning and refreshing Supa Dupa Mat Spray is a powerful blend of anti-bacterial and fungal-fighting essential oils that keeps your yoga mat or other surfaces smelling fresh, with a hint of cinnamon! Clean mat = clean body = clear mind. A must for all yogis!

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Shake well before use. Use a few sprays on the mat before practice, and enjoy the fresh scent while you work through your poses. A few sprays after practice will sanitize your mat before you put it away. Wipe with damp cloth to spread over the mat or just allow to air dry.

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We've tried this on our backpacks, computer screens, mobile phone screens, keyboards, our forearms and feet, you name it! Give it a go yourself!

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Grain Alcohol, Pure Essential Oil Blend (Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon), Spring Water

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